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Would you like to know what Rainbow Turtle has in stock before you pop down to our delightful shop in Gauze Street, Paisley? Well now you can jump onto Google and type Rainbow Turtle into the search engine, or type a product that you’re looking for, and information about our shop and products will appear on your screen.

Rainbow Turtle’s Google entry

To search further for what we have in store, type into the search box under “See what’s in store” or click “View more” under the images of our products. Then come along to visit our shop, close to the centre of Paisley, and chat with our wonderful volunteers.


Opening this Tuesday!

Nearly there…

We’re looking forward to this Tuesday, 27th April at 10am, to welcome you back to our fair trade shop. We’ve been working hard to get it ready in time. Note our new one way system to keep you safe. Admire the new shop layout to show off our delightful products, and marvel at our new refilling station where you can refill your Ecover and our new Bio D cleaning products.

Even if you just want to pop in and say hello to our devoted volunteers, it’ll be really nice to see you.

Please note, during the restrictions, only 2 family groups allowed in the shop at any one time. Thanks.

[Thanks to Anne Scriven for the photo.]


Cheerio to Gemma

It’s with great sadness that we said goodbye this week to our shop manager and education officer, Gemma Elliott. Gemma joined us almost exactly 3 years ago when Rainbow Turtle was going through a period of transition. The business was struggling financially and we had lost a number of key personnel over a short space of time (to lose one is a misfortune, but to lose two is carelessness?!!!). Gemma helped us to steady the ship, kept the shop running and maintained our work in schools.

We will miss Gemma’s bright personality and enthusiasm and wish her well in her new job.

(Oh, erm by the way this was not Gemma’s leaving do, it was Lynsay’s from 2019 but it was the only photo I could find of Gemma! We hope to be able to say goodbye to Gemma properly when things open up…)

Education, Podcasts, Seasonal

Liz Cotton interview part 1 of 2

Welcome to our very first interview in our new podcast series, Rainbow Turtle Rebooted. To mark the beginning of Fair Trade Fortnight 2021 we’re bringing you the first part of a two part interview with founder and former director, Liz Cotton.

Liz has had an interesting and successful life which culminated for us in the creation of Rainbow Turtle, the fair trade shop and charity in Paisley, Scotland. Sit back and enjoy the first half of her interview with Colum Scriven where she talks about her early influences and what led her to open our fair trade shop in Gauze Street…

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Rainbow Turtle Rebooted Preview

Welcome to the new Rainbow Turtle Rebooted podcast. Through our podcasts we would like to bring you interviews and news about fair trade. This episode is a short preview to our first series and introduces you to who we are and what we will be offering.

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Rainbow Turtle is a small non-profit organisation, based in Paisley, Scotland. We provide a delightful shop in Gauze Street, where you can buy fair trade teas and coffees, food, cards and gifts. We also offer an education service to local schools and church groups. We view our young people as the purchasers and decision makers of the future.

For more information about Rainbow Turtle and what we do please go to our website: www.rainbowturtle.org.uk.


Hope, Diversity and Inclusivity

Alex, the star of our new Christmas window

We welcome Alex, our rainbow lion, to our Christmas window. He exemplifies this year’s theme of hope, diversity and inclusivity. Alex was kindly decorated by the pupils of Mary Russell School in Paisley with support from their art teacher, Miss Ferguson.

Alex’s coat of rainbow colours symbolises hope, which is the message of Christmas and much needed at this time. The rainbow has also been adopted by the LGBT community and supporters of the NHS.

We wanted to represent diversity by including a turtle (unfortunately we couldn’t find a rainbow one!) with Alex, our lion. Around the world there are many people who will struggle to make it a happy Christmas this year. We wanted to acknowledge that it is the diversity of beliefs, races of people and sexualities that makes up our world. It is only by working together and supporting the poorest members of our humanity can we make it a better place.

Finally, we wanted to represent inclusivity as the lion and the turtle getting on together. In the bible an image of heaven is the lion lying down with the lamb (or in our case the turtle!) For us at Rainbow Turtle selling fair trade produce, and helping producers in developing countries, helps us to come closer to that image of paradise.

If that is too deep for you, just come to Paisley and admire the creativity of the MRS pupils and admire our Christmas window. And, of course, buy our wonderful produce and crafts.


He’s here!

Alex, our rainbow lion

Our newly decorated lion, has arrived in the shop ready for our grand opening on Saturday 12th December. Thanks to Miss Ferguson, the art teacher, and the students of Mary Russell School, Alex (as the pupils have named him) has had a complete makeover. Resplendent in his rainbow coat of many colours, Alex will adorn our Christmas window to highlight this year’s theme of inclusivity and diversity.

Mary Russell art teacher, Miss Ferguson, saying goodbye to Alex

The pupils have included a number of themes into their design of Alex. Firstly, the rainbow patterns covering him. We now have a rainbow lion to go with our rainbow theme of the shop. To us rainbows are symbols of hope and are about diversity and including people from all nations, differing ages, beliefs, and sexualities.

Picture courtesy of Mary Russell School

On one side of Alex is a rainbow coloured tree, apparently this is because trees are made up of different components. On the top are painted the symbols of the fair trade movement, which is about supporting producers in developing countries by buying their produce at fair prices and allowing them to work in decent conditions.

Picture courtesy of Mary Russell School

On the other side of Alex is our logo, the rainbow turtle. Turtles are almost self sufficient because they carry their house with them. However, when they’re upside down they are completely vulnerable to attack, which is a bit like our fair trade producers. The fact that the pupils have included all these elements in the design gives me so much hope in our young people for the future. With attitudes like these our world will be in a good place.

Picture courtesy of Mary Russell School

Our lion is nearly ready…

The pupils of Mary Russell School have been hard at work repainting our lion in readiness for displaying him in our Christmas window. We’re hoping to have him on display when we reopen our shop on Saturday 12th December.

His decor may not be the only thing that will have changed about him, he may also have a new name…! Any ideas what it could be?