Become A Friend

Rainbow Turtle is a registered Scottish Charity and you can support the work that we do by becoming a Friend of Rainbow Turtle from as little as £12 a year!

A Friend of Rainbow Turtle regularly donates to the Rainbow Turtle charity. This enables us to provide the education and promotion of Fair Trade to local schoolsfaith groups and community groups through our Education Officer. It also allows us to support our producer partners.

Becoming a Friend of Rainbow Turtle will:

  • Keep you connected with the local and global work of the charity.
  • Inform you through newsletters how the families in the Nicaraguan project,  Pedro in Mozambique and also how Comfort Rwanda are getting on.
  • Enable you to contribute to the work of the charity at our AGM.
  • Give you up to date information about new fair trade products.
  • Provide an opportunity to view and sample such goods at special retail events.
  • Allow you to either gift aid your donation, enabling us to claim tax back on it, or to take advantage of a special ‘Friends’ discount’ of 5% on purchases from Rainbow Turtle shop in Paisley*.
  • Help us to continue supporting our producer partners financially and allow them to plan their futures with confidence.

If you would like to know more about becoming a Friend of Rainbow Turtle please contact us.

*Charity law states that discounts on goods cannot be offered for donations which have been gift aided.