Fairtrade in Business

Your business can support Renfrewshire’s status as a Fairtrade Zone

Fair Trade is committed to improving the lives of millions of people who live in poverty in developing countries. Renfrewshire council, organisations and volunteers worked hard together to achieve a Fairtrade Zone status for Renfrewshire, awarded in 2009; a much larger campaign by Scottish Fair Trade gave Scotland Fair Trade Nation status in 2013.

Make a difference:

There are various ways that a business can grow to involve Fair Trade. Even just a switch to Fair Trade staff coffee, tea and snack supplies can make a difference. By participating in Fair Trade you will be contributing to the campaign and directly benefiting people in developing countries.

It’s easy! How can my business get involved?

  • Use Fair Trade teas and coffee in your office
  • Offer Fair Trade tea, coffee and biscuits to your customers
  • Sell Fair Trade products
  • Incorporate Fair Trade into your business dealings
  • Give Fair Trade gifts to your customers and staff

Rainbow Turtle offers a wide variety of Fair Trade products and has different packages to suit your needs.

We can help:

Fair Trade teas and coffees

We sell teas and coffees with the aim of turning staff rooms in renfrewshire towards fair trade.

Fair Trade Hampers

Hampers featuring delicious foods and ethically sourced crafts are a considerate corporate gift. Contact us about how to order a Fair Trade Hamper.


We provide products on order. Make your specific order, and you shall be invoiced for the cost of the products.

Contact Us to get started

Contact Us to place an order, to order a Fair Trade Hamper, or to discuss Fair Trade and your business.