Welcome to the new Rainbow Turtle website

RT website

After nearly a year out of action we are delighted to launch our new Rainbow Turtle website. We have tried to keep a lot of the useful information that the original site held but have used templates that offer a style more friendly to mobile phones and tablet computers.

During August of last year our web site was subjected to a number of malicious attacks which generated a lot of spam emails and caused our site to be shut down by our provider. A number of valiant attempts were made to correct the problem, but unfortunately the problems kept reappearing so we took the decision to shutdown the website until we could either clean up the original site or create a new one. This solution is a short term one on a site in a temporary location. We still hope to go back to our original website which contained a large amount of information about fairtrade and our online shop.

In the meantime we are glad to be back online, and we look forward to informing you about more campaigns that Rainbow Turtle will be involved in.